Zhu Bo (1988)

Zhu Bo (1988). Bi jiao jiao yu shi lue (An introduction to the history of comparative education). Guangzhou: Guangdong gao deng jiao yu chu ban she

An overview of the book (242 English words):

This is a well-written small booklet, tracing out the historical development of comparative education dated from ancient times to modern one and lying between the East and the West with the support of relevant literature. It is useful for gaining thorough understanding of the historical importance of comparative education to societal modernization and human civilization.

Chapter 1 outlines the origins and historical development of comparative education till 1817, resulted from an exchange of cultural and educational ideas between ancient Greece and Rome, in medieval times and similarly between China, Korea, Japan and India. Chapter 2 briefs out the pre-scientific first period (1817-1917) of comparative education with the characteristics of ‘educational borrowing’ hallmarked by the Father of Comparative Education, Marc Antoine Jullien. Chapter 3 sketches the second period (1917-1945) of comparative educational development dominated by a multi-factor analysis of educational systems. Pioneers included Nicholas Hans, Issac Kandle, Vernon Mallinson and Michael Sadler.

Chapter 4 summarizes the establishment of comparative education as an academic discipline, facilitated by the formation of some international organizations like OECO, UNESCO, and multi-national educational research bodies like IBE, IEA, IIEP after the Second World War. Afterwards, the author brings out national development of comparative education in United Kingdom, United States of America and former Soviet Union with the introduction of some distinguished figures’ methodology. The figures included Brian Holmes, Edmund J. King from United Kingdom, George Z. F. Bereday from United States of America and Zia Malkova from Russia.

Introduction to the author:

Prof. Zhu Bo is a leading figure in the field of history of comparative education. He teaches at South China Normal University and publicizes articles, books, journal or periodical papers widely on history, methodology of comparative and international education. His books include “Jiao yu san mian xiang yu jin ri bi jiao jiao yu (Three-dimensional education and today’s comparative education, 1985)? “Yin-tu pi chiao chiao yü hsueh: chi fa ti wen (Comparative India education: inspiring questioning, 1986)?and “Bi jiao jiao yu shi lue (A brief history of comparative education, 1988)?  He is also committee members or the chairman in some depts. of Ministry of Education at national / provincial levels.

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