About Us

CESHK was founded in 1989. Membership of the society is drawn from educational institutions in Hong Kong and the Asian region.

The society plays various roles. CESHK provides a forum for the exchange of views, development of partnerships, and shaping of new initiatives. The society is a member of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES), and its officers have contributed to the functioning of that body. In the process, this work has given Hong Kong visibility within the wider arena.

Among the activities of the CESHK is the annual conference. Through this, and other activities such as seminars, workshops and the society’s publication, the International Journal of Comparative Education and Development, CESHK brings together scholars across institutions.

CESHK Executive Committee 2023-2025

President: Liz JACKSON, The Education University of Hong Kong

Vice President: Nutsa KOBAKHIDZE, The University of Hong Kong

Hon Treasurer: David SORRELL, Independent Education Consultant

Hon Secretary: Gordon TSUI, The University of Hong Kong

Click here for the list of Presidents of CESHK.

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