Wang Zhong-lie; Pan Mao-yuan, Xu Jie, Wang Chang-chun (eds.) (1999)

Wang Zhong-lie; Pan Mao-yuan, Xu Jie, Wang Chang-chun (eds.) (1999). Xue wei yu yan jiu sheng jiao yu bi jue yan jiu (A comparative educational study of university degree and postgraduate research).Bei-jing : Zhong-guo ren min da xue chu ban she

An overview of the book (172 English words):

The book aims to improve the policy-making and managerial systems of university degree and postgraduate studies in Mainland China, by learning a comparative lesson from other counterparts in other foreign countries.

It consists of two main sections. Section I provides penetrating cross-national comparisons of university degree system between China and Germany (chapter 1), China and France (chapter 2), China and Russia (chapter 3) and China and Japan (chapter 4). Section II provides a series of thematic studies. Topics involve a cross-national study of historical development of doctoral programs in Germany, USA and Japan (chapter 5), engineering and engineering technology degree education in the United States of America (USA) (chapter 6), organizational structures of engineering studies in higher education between USA and Germany (chapter 7), characteristic of engineering degree studies in Japan (chapter 8), doctoral education between USA and Japan and relationships between economy, technology and societal development (chapter 9), university degree and postgraduate education in South Korea (chapter 10), in South East Asian countries (chapter 11) and Canadian postgraduate education (chapter 12).

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