Huo Li-yan (1995)

Huo Li-yan (1995).  Xue qian bi jiao jiao yu xue (A comparative study on early childhood education). Bei-jing: Ren min jiao yu chu ban she

An overview of the book:

Based on a comparative study of pre-schooling education, the author aims to broaden the horizons of the readers and deepen their understanding in the methodological and theoretical frameworks of pre-schooling education through an international and comparative perspective. Meanwhile, such a comparative study can extend the scope of comparative education research, enrich its content and act as a fruitful lesson for shaping up future national policy and curricula of pre-schooling education in Mainland China.

The book has six chapters. Chapter one analyses and elucidates the meanings and research methodology of comparative early childhood education. Chapters 2-5 respectively review historical development, schooling structures, research paradigms and anticipated growth of pre-schooling education in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and former Soviet Union. Based on some cross- and multi-national information and research studies, chapter six reaches its conclusion by articulating determinants and causative factors towards pre-schooling education, and depicts basic experiences and developmental trends of pre-school education respectively from an international perspective.

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