Yang Han-qing, Han Hua (1997)

Yang Han-qing, Han Hua (1997). Bi jiao gao deng jiao yu gai lun (An introduction to comparative higher education). Bei-jing : Ren min jiao yu chu ban she

An overview of the book (231 English words):

The book provides a penetrating analysis of higher education in comparative and historical perspectives. Chapter one highlights historical evolution, scope, meanings and methodologies of comparative higher education. Chapter two investigates relationships between traditions and modernization and examines features of ancient higher education systems in China and some Western countries. Chapter three outlines the historical development and characteristics of modern higher education in China, United Kingdom, France, Germany, United States of America, Russia and Japan.

By a conceptual scrutiny of organizational structure and functions of higher education in chapter four, the writers endeavor to carry out macro- and micro-level comparisons of learning subjects in higher education and structural cross-national comparisons of further educational and postgraduate studies. Chapters five and six respectively articulate tensions between pedagogy and research and those between teachers’ and postgraduate research studies in higher education.

Chapters seven draws implications in reforming administrative systems of higher education in Mainland China by investigating relationships between administration and management systems in cross-national perspective. Chapter eight addresses three main problems of meeting societal demands, promoting high-quality manpower and financing of higher education. Meantime, strategies of producing pragmatic manpower, increasing means for raising school fees and strengthening autonomy of universities or other tertiary institutions are formulated in enhancing quality of  higher education. Lastly, four senses of global trends in higher education are anticipated. They are lifelong learning, socialization, internationalization and individualization of higher education.

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