Wang Zhong-lie (ed.) (1997)

Wang Zhong-lie (ed.) (1997). Tai-wan, Xiang-gang, Ao-men xue wei zhi du yu yan jiu sheng jiao yu yan jiu (A comparative study of university degree and postgraduate educational systems in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau). Beijing: Ren min jiao yu chu ban she

An overview of the book (147 English words):

The book aims to compare the university degree and postgraduate educational systems in three Chinese societies, namely, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, especially after the return of sovereignty of the latter two places to Mainland China, under the ‘one country and two systems’ policy since July 1997 and Dec. 1999 respectively. .

The study was conducted by a research team of distinguished educational comparativists from Mainland China. Chapter One sketches ideo-political and socio-historical backgrounds, developmental characteristics, implementation problems, future trends and comparative lessons of the three societies? higher educational systems. . Chapters Two, Three and Four carry single-society case studies of contextual relationships, socio-historical characteristics, organizational and administrative structures of university degree and postgraduate systems in general and those of particular universities or colleges in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau respectively. The final chapter five lays down some of their key university laws and postgraduate educational regulations.

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