CESHK Annual Conference 2005 Sessions Timetable

sessions timetable (Tentative)

Venue: Hong Kong Institute of Education, 10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po

Morning sessions: 11.00 – 12.30 p.m.                                        Click to download the timetable in doc or in pdf format

Sessions 1A 1B 1C
Room no.


B4-LP-05 B4-LP-11
Themes The Professional Development of Educators Higher Education Comparing Places, Programs, and Processes
Chairperson Nicholas PANG WANG Weiping Maria MANZON
The Development of Hong Kong Student-teachers’ Professional Beliefs WONG Ping-ho LAW Sin-yee, Angelina & YIP Sin-ching A Comparison of Socially Important Priorities of Top Research Universities in China and Russia Andrey URODA Roman LEVSHA Comparing Places Maria MANZON
Responding to Globalization: A Study of Teacher Decision-Making Merry M. MERRYFIELD Isomorphism or Diversity?: The Case Of Zhejiang Shu Ren University WANG Weiping Development and Factors Influencing Educating Students with Disabilities in Hong Kong and Mainland China CHEN Shihui ZHANG Jiabei JIN Mei
A Comparative Study of Profiles of Continuing Professional Development of School Principals in New South Wales, Australia and Hong Kong Nicholas PANG A Comparison of Library Instruction between Hong Kong and U.S. Academic Libraries John HICKOK

Assessment for Learning: The Consolidated Assessment Tips (CAT) Approach

Alexander Seeshing YEUNG & Elizabeth Shiu-Kwan POW

Afternoon sessions: 2.00 – 3.30 p.m.                                        Click to download the timetable in doc or in pdf format

Sessions 2A 2B 2C
Room no.


B4-LP-05 B4-LP-11
Themes Education, Politics, and Values Student’s Experience in Higher Education: Cross-Cultural Perspectives & Educational Cooperation Educational Issues in Chinese Societies
Chairperson Greg FAIRBROTHER Li MEI 蕭今
Recent Developments in Chinese Citizenship Education Policy Greg FAIRBROTHER External Mobility and Social Class: Mainland Chinese Students in Hong Kong and Macau Universities LI Mei 香港與內地校本教師培訓的比較 胡少偉
Understanding for Development, Understanding for Harmony: Education for International Understanding in Contemporary China JIANG Kai Knowledge building and sharing of e-learning resources in inter-school learning communities in Hong Kong: Methodological reflections on micro-studies in comparative education Chris TAN Percy KWOK <海外小學中文課本>中的語病 林光華
Student Attitudes to Minority Groups in Twenty Eight Countries: What Does it Mean to be Tolerant? Kerry J KENNEDY Building Alliances: Schools, Parents and Communities in Hong Kong and Singapore Maria MANZON 為社區建設服務的教育培訓 蕭今
Political Blogs as an Alternative Educational Tool in a Pluralistic Society: A Consideration for Malaysian Classrooms Irene TAN, Michelle GUNASELAN, ONG Yi Khai, Sarah CHAN, Regina LEE 知識型經濟與課程改革:談九種共通能力 陳盛賢

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